A fictional video game for the Nintendo Famicom.

My entry into Meteor's 2018 My Famicase Exhibition in Tokyo. Nominal is a game about orbital mechanics and the laws of physics. Take on the role of a spacecraft commander, exploring the inner planets of the Solar System. Time your manoeuvres, optimise your fuel usage, and conquer the planets in this slow-paced puzzle for 1 player.

I created the textures by hand, using finely-ground charcoal dropped onto white paper. All the Latin type is custom; the Japanese subtitle is not. Although it wasn't required for the Famicase expo, I also designed a poster featuring an alternative planet illustration.

Nominal was exhibited at the SF Gallery, Tokyo, in April–May 2018. You can view the other entries on the Famicase website.

Thanks to Meteor for hosting the Famicase exhibition, and to Hangedman for helping me out with translations.

CC BY-NC 4.0
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